Thursday, December 3, 2015

Reid Blames Reds For Mass Shootings

Harry Reid must still be suffering from his fall from power and to  the ground
The rantings coming from his lips ring of bias rhetoric, mentally unsound
He compares in essence the Reds to the IRA
The right wing for not Sein Fein but for the NRA
Riling up the left wing base but useless to advance solutions and the art of compromise
With zealots like Reid with any power no wonder the Blues saw their control go into free fall demise
The smell of gunpowder and pipe bombs from San Bernardino had barely cleared
When Reid politicized the killings demanding more gun control to overcome our “fears”
If there is fear in the Homeland it is of our safety due to Obama’s need for a war on jihad to continue to deny
A complete lack of will and strategy insuring more and more innocents here and abroad will die
Obama and lackeys like Reid cannot lift their heads out of the delusional sands
Reds in Congress are not complicit for these jihadist deaths; the blood should be on Obama’s hands
ISIS is a direct result of Obama’s decision to cut and turn tail
And his dismissal of them as the JV team doomed to fail
Just like his pathetic drawing against Asad of his rhetoric of the red line
His contain, degrade, and destroy rhetoric devoid of acts to the trash to be consigned
Roosevelt had it right—speak softly and carry a big stick
Obama has it all wrong—speak loudly but the boots of PC and of our foes lick
© December 3, 2015, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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