Saturday, December 12, 2015

McCaffrey Deserves Heisman

All three finalists would be worthy candidates to take home the award
A fitting end to a great individual season to reward
But McCaffrey should be the one who takes the trophy home
Almost impossible to contain when so elusive he begins to roam
Derrick Henry rushed for more yards but that stat is deceiving
But he was a single threat with less than 100 yards total in receiving
Deshaun Watson threw for a lot of yards and clearly could rush
A clear double threat against teams that Clemson would crush
The clear triple threat was McCaffrey who led Stanford in receiving yards
Almost impossible on his pass routes for the defense to guard
His rushing was pure speed and poetry in motion
With almost the same number of yards as Henry leaving the defense in ruined commotion
The icing on the Heisman cake was his yards on his returns
Cutting and weaving through defenses with his elusiveness and speed to burn
A true triple threat breaking Barry Sanders record for all purpose yards that has stood for 27 years
And with two touchdown passes another threat for defenses to him fear
Only thing he has not done is to kick or punt
If not selected as the winner it will be to the sport a great affront

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