Monday, December 14, 2015

Loretta Sanchez Defends Muslim Comments

Loretta Sanchez is a Blue seeking to upgrade to Barbara Boxer’s Senate seat
Given the increasing leftwing tilt of California if she wins she will be almost impossible to defeat
She is a Hillary clone and her “questioning” of Hillary was a complete joke
But when it comes to radical Islam unlike her clueless leader, her views are not mirrors and smoke
She raised the issue of the high number of Muslims who support growing radical Islam’s terror
A firestorm of criticism from the media claiming she was in Islamaphobia error
She is right and under Obama other that airstrikes and boots we are clueless on how to the rise of radical Islam restrain
No transcript of Obama’s meeting at the Pentagon but I am sure he heard a mouthful that ISIS and radical Islam is not being contained
This is an ideology which we seem helpless or not seriously motivated  to defeat
Until our commander in chief gets serious more and more Americans will death from radical Islam meet   
Blues in the race for Senate face a Hobson’s choice
Two far too liberal out of touch voices
Kamala Harris is so left that her first response to the videos of the  sale of fetal body parts
Was to threaten prosecution of the filmers recording Planned Parenthood from the norms of humanity for Ferraris it chose to depart
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