Monday, December 14, 2015

Insane Not To Use Social Media To Vet K-1 Visa

When it comes to players in the war on terror there is only one JV Team
The Obama administration is still stuck after 7 years in a delusional daydream
Today we learn that when it comes to vetting K-1s social media is out of bounds
Had we searched Malik’s tweets or Facebook page her jihadist rants and beliefs we would have been found
If State would have properly vetted Malik, 14 Americans in San Bernardino would be alive 
Since her entrance into the United States we would have deprived.
The feds don’t follow the practice that most potential employers or daters follow
Like Obama’s assertion ISIS is contained an assurance of vetting is hollow
Now we learn that the FBI was involved in a botched ransom attempt
Involving Bergdahl who will be court martialled facing life and who merits our contempt
An unknown amount of money was given to an Afghani who then disappeared
Leaving the FBI empty-handed  waiting for Bergdahl to appear
Believing an Afghani would hand money over to the Taliban and then with Bergdahl come back
Shows when it comes to common sense shows a complete and utter lack
For a final straw Obama gets on TV and solemnly states the Gitmo is an ISIS recruiting tool
When we all know they use social media devoid of Gitmo revealing him to be a lying fool
He lied once again when he stated only a handful of the detainees had returned to the fight
Almost 200 back in the fight is not a handful and once again when it comes to telling the truth on terror Obama is never right
© December 14, 2015, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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