Friday, December 25, 2015

Bring Christ Back In Christmas

Life is full of ironies and oxymorons but as the Christmas lights twinkle in the nighttime air
Ponder this irony that on the irony checklist is beyond compare
Without the Christmas shopping and the Santa magnet for kids a retailer’s black inkwell would be bare
But in stores most often heard is an anemic “Happy Holidays” but a “Merry Christmas” is so rare
In the schools Christmas carols, pageants, and Christmas cards are disappearing faster than water in a pond under a Death Valley sun
A nativity scene from the past on public property is in the PC world a relic that must be shunned
Even Santa Claus, jolly old St. Nick known for his reindeer driven sleigh and his down the chimney so quick
Is under an unrelenting PC attack
In a Big Apple public school given the sack
In the rigid PC world that has only thin skins and no magic in which to believe
The cardinal sin is to in Santa and the Prince of Peace gift of peace try to retrieve
The magic of Christmas has in the past caused soldiers to leave trenches
And from mind and heart for a day the dogs of war to releash and wrench
Christ in Christmas to the PC world seems so out place
To honor the Prince of Peace in their view is an  outdated idea in disgrace
What would happen if other than for the children a new Christmas idea would hit the ground running?
The gifts that one should exchange would be a gift to charity or the homeless would be tidal wave in the economy most stunning
The retailers would be soon howling with high pitched rants
“Bring back the Prince of Peace!” would be their frenzied chants
The Magi would no longer be rolling in their heavenly graves
We mere mortals here on earth would the meaning of Christmas save
From the orgy of Saturnalia’s gift giving stress of credit card debt
For material tokens ignoring the soul that more likely than not the recipient would discard or soon forget
© December 25, 2015, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
Alaskanpoet for Hire, Poems to Admire
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