Friday, December 4, 2015

FBI To Obama--It's Terror

Obama still suffers from his workplace violence and no radical Islam delusion
Thank God the FBI is objective and independent and in San Bernardino suffers no illusion
Today, it publically announced that it will not follow this administration’s error
The evidence clearly establishes that shootings by Farook and his wife were jihadist terror
So much for Obama’s pious assurances that ISIS is contained
Hours before the Parisian cafes and streets were blood stained
Scant days before at a Regional Center for people with special needs on Special Ed Day
In our own backyard 14 innocents this husband and wife, 14 innocents did slay
When will this egotistical, stubborn, narcisstic president listen and admit he is wrong?
He has failed to contain, degrade, or even start to destroy as ISIS is not weaker but getting strong
We are with radical Islam at war which under this administration we are ill equipped to win
Even if we treat every inch of the Caliphate the same as WWII Berlin
Sadly, our PC colleges offer Black Studies, Feminist Studies, Hispanic Studies and all manner of majors that will not lead to jobs
But will due to rising tuition burden the graduates with crushing debt that their futures will rob
Courses on the nature and ideology of Radical Islam and how Islam it has perverted
And why under the ISIS rule the true meaning of the Koran and the intent of the Prophet have been subverted
Most likely on any campus across this land simply do not exist
We can name the enemy but if we do not understand its weakness how do we resist?
A small first step would be the false PC cross of Islamaphobia ignore
Accept the fact that we are in for our way of life a total and no quarter war
Neighbors watching Muslims and boxes going in and out of Farook’s IED making garage place
Kept silent to avoid being hit with the PC charge of Islamaphobia disgrace
We have had our wakeup call that ISIS knows it is easier to electronically by social media Americans or noncitizens radicalize
Than have them face all dangers to get to Syria only to be killed before returning by drones and smart bombs from the skies
© December 4, 2015, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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