Monday, December 14, 2015

DHS Blocks Examination Of Visa Applicants' Social Media Accounts

The acronym for the Department of Homeland Security is DHS
After the San Bernardino killings a change of name we need to address
Employers routinely use social media to run on prospective employees background checks
Most men and women do the same to determine whether a date to accept or reject
Instagram, Twitter and Facebook are a treasure trove of information to reveal
In Malik’s case her jihadist leanings and martyrdom would have been easy to discern
A K-1 visa she would have been unable to earn
Her false address given raised no alarms  or further screenings
But had DHS or State searched the internet we would have found her martyrdom leanings
Was this a case of overworked federal employees with too many applications?
No this is the result of a policy decision by the head of DHS to block that investigatory discretion
Once again the PC dragon raises its ugly head
In San Bernardino 21 were wounded and 14 are now dead
Johnson was concerned that checking social media would create bad PR
Or lawsuits by the ACLU that to protect Americans we have gone too far
Time in the fight against radical Islam for Twitter and Facebook join as an ally
Provide the feds with the account passwords of any person who for a visa applies
Social media accounts cannot be the electronic equivalent of sanctuary cities
Hindering our attempts to kill these jihadists before they strike without pity
So Department of Homeland Security does not in reality mean DHI
Department of Homeland Insecurity and due to their PC ineptness Americans die
© December 14, 2015, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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