Monday, October 15, 2018

Proposition C in San Francisco Seattle Deja Vu?

Seattle tried to attack the homeless problem with taxes on business to raise
Stung by business condemnation rather than praise
Pulled its tax increase back
But kept its house building restrictions intack
Easier for the proverbial camel to throught eye of a needle go
Than to get permit for building affordable housing  from the city to bestow
Add to the costs a $15 minimum wage and jobs start to disappear
As more jobless on the streets start to appear
San Francisco with a proposition C placed by concerned citizens on the ballot this fall
If passed a receipts tax of ½ % of sales over $50 million to solve a problem that appall
Sidewalks covered in urine and feces and used syringes
The charm that once was San Francisco filth that makes one cringe
If passed millions will be raised to get people into shelters off the streets
If passed will businesses with jobs beat from San Francisco a hasty retreat
If defeated will the crime, filth, and open use of drugs cause more companies to move
Disgusted by the failure to the collateral damage of the plight of the homeless has not improved
A true Hobson’s choice that the voters must make
In a vacuum of a lack of building code and zoning review would be a mistake
Building codes and zoning that the costs of building housing raises
Are aspects of government that merits condemnation not praise
© October 15, 2018 Michael P. Ridley

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