Saturday, October 20, 2018

NYT Calls For HRC Intervention

For her call to in dealing with the Reds, there can be no civility
Time to heap condemnation up failed campaigner Hillary
For stoking the fires of hate and uncivility she merits condemnation
But to many Blues’ surprise the Times wants Blues to make an intervention
The New York Times, hardly a fan of the Reds in an op ed
Called for her to end her rash of appearances and face an intervention instead
Implying she and her outbursts like defending her Bill
Is sending to party leaders a Blue Wave ending chill
For her to dismiss Monica Lewinski’s sexual abuse claim
Because she was a consenting adult, no need to Bill’s predatory behavior contain
Is the height of folly that exposes who the real wagers of a war on women really are
Energizing the Reds, swaying Indies and raising the take over the House bar
Cottle, the op ed writer faults Clinton for her moral arrogance that taints
How to support the #MeToo Movement when she dismisses Monica’s complaint
Hillary still has not come to acceptance and grips
That her lack of ideas, distrust, and poor campaign is why from her grasp the Oval Office slipped
She remains the Marvin K. Moody of the political scene
Time to go, time for her from the political stage be finally weaned
© October 20, 2018 Michael P. Ridley

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