Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Lemon Is A Lemon

Don Lemon of CNN is one of those rare people who is aptly named
When it comes to objectivity lacking he is without shame
On a rant with fellow biased anti-Trumpster
He made a claim that belongs in a trash dumpster
According to this broken down “journalist” white men are the biggest threat to this nation
True to form Chris Cuomo nodded his head in agreement as opposed to a condemnation
Lemon is the poster child of identity politics at its worst
Trapped in blaming a racial class one sin fits all curse
White men as a class according to Lemon are responsible for all the nation’s problems
Individual traits be damned, if you were born white totally right for you to be condemned
If an evil threat in Lemon’s world for violence as a target you are fair game
Murder and mayhem by a perpetrator merits not a whit of blame
That view is a crock
Lemon on the air should be blocked
Like an auto he should be confined to the airways junkyard heap
While the rest of us strive to his biased views defeat
© October 31, 2018 Michael P. Ridley  

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