Monday, October 22, 2018

Cavanaugh and Caravan Election

Trump calls this election the year of the caravan
As a mob of 7,000 plus illegals waving national flags are on a trek to invade this land
Lured by the booming economy and of Central American gangs fearful
Warning to the Blues if they do not get on board with a wall and securing the border from voters an angry earful
This election is shaping up to be about caravans and Cavanaugh
Americans are fed up with an influx of illegals breaking our laws
Cavanaugh’s treatment by Feinstein and her Blues was the final straw
From a party moving too far left with no hesitation to ignore the rule of law.
Incredible economic growth will crush the fading Blue Wave
Smash the Blue hopes of flipping into an early grave
We are a nation with compassion but we do not have limitless wealth
To take in all that want to move here especially those illiterate, unskilled or in poor health
Our states with unfunded public service pension plans have unfunded liabilities to choke a horse
Led by officials who are spineless due to campaign contributions to adopt a fiscally sound course
The Blues will indignantly cry in their search for new votes and the MSM will harangue
How can we be so heartless and xenophobic to stop people from fleeing from gangs
Maybe in the caravan by the hundreds and more
There are existing and future gang members coming through our doors
The best way to stop illegal immigration is for host countries to their economies and anti-corruption improve
And with fines and jail time in the U.S. for hiring illegals the temptation and incentive to hire illegals remove
 © October 22, 2018 Michael P. Ridley

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