Sunday, April 26, 2020

Tale of Two Whitsetts

A Tale Of Two Whitsetts
In this COVID-19 Pandemic civil liberties with quarantines are likely to clash
And as tempers rise when with lock-downs mean the jobless soon run out of cash
It’s a balancing line between sickness and prosperity stress which 1 Whitsett has crossed
To prevent spread you can ride in a kayak but the right to use your boat you have lost
Just one example of draconian stay at home orders of a Whitsett who seems to have lost her mind
The other Whitsett also a Blue came down with COVID-19 and was in a life threatening viral bind
But thanks to Trump she and her doctor knew  of hydroxychloroquine  
She tried it and now recovered she is doing quite fine
She thanked Trump and was invited to the White House with others who had survived
All of which were most thankful to be still alive
Witless Whitsett and fellow TDS Blues attacked her for thanking Trump and being cured
In the State Legislature their move was to her censure
In this crisis that rather than censure we  should us unite
We need heroes to look up to in this deadly fight
Witless Whitsett with her orders we all want to forget is no hero
Rather by her inept and partisan acts she is a complete zero
Karen Whitsett we should honor and as a hero proclaim
For her fight with hydroxychloroquine to this disease tame
© April 25, 2020 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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