Friday, April 10, 2020

Maher May Get The Defeat Recession He Wished

Maher may be a leftist comic hack
But when it comes to Trump he knows how to attack
The best way to Trump unseat
Is for the economy to a recession greet
He must now be inwardly jumping for joy
In three weeks time, 10% of the work force are now unemployed
At a time when debate on virus is beginning to build
Reopen it now or see the economy killed
The left like Maher mocks his response and hopes the shutdown will not end
With a recession so growing hope that back to Mir-A-Lago voters will Trump send
Thanks to WHO and China on the virus Trump has been dealt on the virus a lousy hand
Yet the left and the WHO have castigated his acts that kept thousands of virus carriers from entering this land
He announced a formation of a special task force on the economy yet was quick to admit
The decision to keep open or closed completely or partially will be hardest to reach the Oval Office where he sits
Where the growth of a pandemic or a collapse of an economy lands in his hands
Time for the left and MSM to the siren calls of TDS withstand
This too will pass if we together unite
Partisan rants will mean we may lose this fight.
© April 10, 2020 Michael P. Ridley

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