Thursday, April 30, 2020

Casualties of War and Pandemic War

In war the first casualty is truth caused by censorship
The generals and politicians cannot allow any news useful to the enemy slip
Like a cancer its reach expands and grows
Altering more and more of the news that is part of life’s flow
What constitutes aid to the enemy rapidly expands
An iron curtain of censorship comes down across the land
On any news or opinion if there is any doubt
It will be not something the censor will let you write or speak about
In a war against a pandemic there are casualties also
Restrictions on our freedoms from our leaders will flow
In the name of curtailing the virus’s deadly spread
Lock-downs and social distancing becomes the norm instead
The First Amendment in the guise of public health is banned
Gatherings of people to protest the lock-downs, the government will no longer stand
“non-essential” businesses in the guise of public health are shut down
Any business that is legal and pays the rent or mortgage and puts food on the table
Is “essential” and to hold otherwise is to buy into a complete and deadly fable
Soon the number of unemployed rises by the millions at a rate that astounds
The economy sinks further and further into recession making it harder and harder to rebound
Unemployment insurance unable to handle the crush soon crashes
States fear they will be soon out of cash
The feds step in with trillions sadly to little avail
As the economy continues to fail
Suicides, abuse, addiction, divorce, alcohol consumption begin to rise
Will the battle against the pandemic be won before the economy’s demise?
As protests over lock-downs rise another censor raises its head
Not another branch or agency of government but social media instead
Promoting protests of lock-downs on social media is no longer allowed
Any questioning of the science used must in acceptance now be bowed
There may be no economy left by the time a vaccine appears
Our standing as a leader in the free world will have disappeared
Our leaders and pundits are still getting paid
No need for them to savings and assets raid
For the left the pandemic is a manna from heaven to a progressive agenda push
On the American Dream of hard work and effort for success subject to ambush
Limited government and the economy, Trump’s card to re-election potentially shattered
May lose to a candidate whose mental fitness looks like it has been battered
Can we as nation wake up and realize the CV Pandemic may infect many but kills very few
When we tally up the deaths the totals will be not much more than a worse year of the flu
Time to focus on protecting the seniors especially those in nursing homes
Who have died like flies and due to lock-downs have died alone
Maintain social distance and revise retail, restaurants’ and offices design
Solutions partitions, cubicles, outdoor dining to go with takeout social distancing we may find
More study on whether non N95 masks will the spread of the virus suppress
If yes require they be worn and their manufacture subject to a full court press
The new item of fashion no one would want to be without
Another small step to this virus rout
Pedal to metal on drugs, antibodies, vaccines and tests
24/7 with little or no time to rest
But open up the economy and the forces of recovery unleash
Why we must do this is something we all can capeesh
Life will always have risk but we must maintain the nation’s wealth
For if it is not maintained or improved wave goodbye to the nation’s health
© April 30, 2020 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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