Monday, April 27, 2020

A Tale Of Two #MeToos

A Tale Of Two #MeToos
Senator Hirono lectured the nation that “women must be heard”
Then tossed Due Process out the window with this position so absurd
“And they must be believed”
Then joined the lynch Kavanaugh mob to try to prevent him from a seat on the Supremes to achieve
Spurred on by a withhold Ford’s accusation by Blue fellow Senator Di-Fi
Then revealed like the equivalent of gangland shooting drive by
No corroboration of a decades old event only Ford’s incomplete and sketchy recollections of a bogus claim
Kavanaugh’s reputation and integrity along with his family shamed and defamed
On their attempts to his nomination block thank God they failed
Today another man faces an attempted rape from a 17 year old tale
The Hirono Rule on this charge has now been modified
As the male like Kavanaugh the charges he has denied
“A woman must be heard but if the perpetrator is a Blue
Her moment for justice and believability is through”
Tara Reade has claimed Joe Biden tried to rape her in 1993
And unlike Ford’s claim on Kavanaugh not during a drunken spree
The MSM fled from the story like monkeys who no evil hear or see
From Hirono and Blue female Senators sounds of silence rather the howls of condemning banshees
Not long after the event, Reade’s mother called into The Larry King Show
Describing event but not naming Creepy Joe
Two people who knew her back then have come forward to confirm
From his basement protected by the cone of silence Biden has yet to squirm
For Joe this should be the case of a fondle gone too far
To his quest for the Oval Office followed by the 25th a major bar
Time to from Hirono, Feinstein, Klobuchar, Abrams and Harris hear
Condemnation or open season on  women by Blue predators to appear?
© April 27, 2020 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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