Friday, April 24, 2020

Recall Time For Newsom?

None of us could have been prepared for the pandemic created by Chinese lies and deceptions
That in early January began to sweep across the world and this nation
But Gavin Newsom’s response to and leadership facing the pandemic stinks
A recovering alcoholic, it almost seems that he has once again taken up the drink
He ignored the law and created a state and private party fund of $125 million for illegals as the layoffs begun
Residents applying for unemployment by the millions soon found themselves out of luck
Hundreds upon hundreds of thousands of jobless were denied or not processed and have not seen a buck
But Newsom hectors to the jobless not receiving a dime to stay home
While what savings they have are being eaten to the bone
Secure in his Governor’s Mansion with his paycheck without reduction
While mere jobless mortals are into the pit of despair facing suckion
Hard to believe but his performance gets worse
A growing scandal over the $1 billion Chinese mask purchase curse
The details of the purchase order or it he has refused to reveal
Raising the logical concerns of what is he trying to conceal?
Conflicts of interest, a total scam with $500 million installment lost or goods that won’t work?
We must know but we do know that the jobless wrongfully denied unemployment payments will be going berserk
A trait of an alcoholic is that about his drinking he will lie and lie with a straight face
One of the first casualties of the disease is telling the truth which by lies is replace
Logical conclusion is that when a politician transparency defies
That politician to keep his seat is full of nothing but lies
Time is running out for Newsom as unemployment benefits he continues to hinder or stall
Time perhaps to be collecting signatures to force his recall
© April 24, 2020 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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