Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Blues Have Already Made Up Mind On Trump's Guilt

Warren trying to get her failing campaign into a tractable gear
Comes out flailing and complaining that spineless Reds do not want to impeachment Trump steer
Making a mockery of the concept of an impeachment trial
She has already made up her mind clearly from her spouting bile
The framers on impeachment misnamed the Senate vote a trial
From a normal trial an accused would expect, far from it by a country mile
Warren and every Blue save for one or an endangered few has made up his or her mind
To any evidence of an absence of treason, high crimes or misdemeanors totally blind
Worse four Senators running have a vested interest in Trump’s job
Smart enough to know with their way left of center views removal is the only way to his reelection rob
Ignore their sanctimonious assurances that they have an open mind and will the evidence fairly weigh
Believe that and you have a belief in the tooth fairly despite all contrary facts that will not go away
Susan Collins who still incurs the left’s wrath
For holding firm for due process to keep Kavanaugh on his SCOTUS path
Has raised the issue that after review of evidence some witnesses perhaps should be called
Not sure whom or what might be the scope but she has a spine and due process for her not to be mauled
If I were representing the president I’d ape Cochran “If it’s not in the transcript
There’s no quid pro quo or bribery or a crime and you must acquit.”
© December 31, 2019 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet  

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