Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Pants on Fire for Schiff

At a town hall in Glendale angry voters called Schiff out for his lies
At what was supposed to a meeting on Armenian genocide that Turkey seems still to deny
Meeting was supposed to show that Reds and Blues in the House could cross the aisle
On an issue in the Armenian community that due to genocide causes much bile
Instead Schiff was drowned out by shouts of “liar” and “treason”
Not on genocide but for a far more divisive reason
Voters were wearing white hot collars
Lots of pushing, shoving and angry hollers
Over the Schiff Impeachment Circus and Napping Nadler’s hack lawyers more of the same
Patience worn thin by wasted investigations and lack of crimes to the audience inflame
Glendale, California may not be the bell ringer for this very leftist Blue state
But perhaps the tip of the iceberg of anger over impeachment that for the Blues await
With the economy on all cylinders rocketing along
Growing fears that killing the Golden Goose of prosperity and recovery is flat out wrong
Having seen enough Waters inflamed and Antifa in your face mobs
Not pleased to see from us another vestige of civility be robbed
Hatred of Trump is the Trump Derangement’s Dark Side
As Schiff learned, hold on to your hats, election year will be a very rough ride
© December 17, 2019 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

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