Monday, December 23, 2019

Time For Senators to Vote Unify on Impeachmente

There are two senators who have had to drop out of the race
Combination of lousy agendas and lack of funding cost them a place
Booker will soon join them for the very same reason
With Klobuchar a casualty who will not make it to the convention season
Don’t want to speculate on the what senators will join the Gang of Four
Shut out from their dream pounding on the primary selection door
Assuming Pelosi gets off her high horse and comes to her senses
Sends the Impeachment Articles to the Senate for trial to end this limbo nonsense
Then four senators whose legacy has been battered
As their dreams of entering the White House have been shattered
Will each have a rare chance to ape a Ford and with a vote their legacy begin to restore
The voters’ rejection of divisiveness not one of the senators can ignore
Voters are fed up with gridlock from fighting and want not less compromise but more
On both the Senate and the House floors
Like Ford who put nation ahead of personal goals to a divided nation heal
Time for these four along with those joining them to ramp down their anti-Trump zeal
Ford pardoned a president who had committed real crimes
Debate over trying and jailing him would not have been the best use of our judicial time.
Did what was right by granting to A landslide elected Nixon a full pardon
A first step in causing animosity and divide to soften not harder
Cost him an election but he did in hindsight what was right
Time for these senators to vote to acquit to put a path to unity in the nation’s sights
May not be a bed of roses but the ad hominem attacks and labels must come to an end
Putting us back on the desired goal of discussion of policy not imagined behavioral dangerous trends
© December 23, 2019 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

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