Friday, December 13, 2019

Shame Shame on Napping Nadler's Judiciary Committee

Today in Napping Nadler’s Kangaroo Court the rule of law met its Waterloo
A day which future presidents and this nation will mourn and rue
From a presidency and a Congress with fixed terms we have moved to no confidence votes
The Constitution and the framers’ intent the Blues have the impeachment clause revoked
The bar of high crimes and misdemeanors has been tossed
If a ruling party controlling the House disagrees with policy the president’s term is a loss
How quickly the power lusting Blues have their memory of hypocrisy purged
Wailing that even though Clinton committed felonies about sexual matters impeachment could not be urged
Today the lessons of what happened to the Red’s control of the House after Clinton’s impeachment
Have been lost in the memories of Lying Schiff’s Circus behind closed doors in the basement
The Senate will find the charges against Trump do not the standards for impeachment fit
And on Constitutional and party lines most likely joined by a few Blues will acquit
Then hopefully the long knives of revenge for the pain, suffering and divisiveness they have put this nation through
Will come out in the fall and send Blues into retirement where they belong by the slew
Pelosi’s inane gavel of resist Trump even if damaging to the nation will after one term be lost
But oh my God due to the bias and hatred and divide what a terrible cost
The Reds regained Congress with their Contract with America that turned into a Red Landslide
The Blues in addition to returning to the center must pledge to never remove because on policy they are on the other side
Given the lies and hypocrisy and distrust Americans may not have the stomach to their promises believe
But at least if sincere a first step in ending the bitter and great divide to have a chance to achieve
© December 13, 2019 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

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