Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Blue Lies No Longer Fake News to Deny

Pelosi and her puppet Rouda have been revealed as fake news clowns
Pelosi may retain her gavel but her puppet is going down
Lacked spine to stand up to or with Nancy mess
A single glance and his independence suppressed
A woman with a spine of Steel
Will have too much appeal
More and more impeachment looks like biased raw deal
Rouda will soon hear the one term bell peal
What should concern us all is the cabal of Comey, Brennan and Clapper
The troika of bias trying to flush an elected president down the crapper
Be prepared for the combo punch of Durham and Barr
Moan that the cabal has been able to get this far
How many lost jobs have been delayed or lost
Defending against Russian collusion delusion at such a high cost
The CNN chant and mantra of Steele dossier had no bearing
Fake news channel exposed to no new clothes to be wearing

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