Saturday, December 14, 2019

House Gavel to Lumps of Coal

Twas the night before the impeachment vote in the House and Nancy had just gone to bed
As usual tucking her beloved Speaker Gavel under the pillow beneath her head
With the Senate firmly Red and impeachment out of the House doomed to fail
No dreams of sugar plums but disasters to be faced on the campaign trail
A year spent delaying the job creating USMCA
To sacrifice the good of the nation to keep another win from going Trump’s way
No infrastructure, no border security, no lower costs of health care
Empty promises of legislate not only investigate fading into the night air
31 freshman Blues from Districts Trump won
Districts where the Trump economy continues to stun
Three years of investigations to fail to deliver a single high crime
Three Blue hack lawyers grasping for straws on our taxpayers’ dime
Against one objective Turley who shot them and their theories down
Reducing them, especially Barron demeaning Karlan the Stanford Law, as clowns
She tried to save the impeachment day with T-Shirts “Don’t with Nancy Mess”
Yet many a Blue is scurrying looking to hide, feeling a lot of 2020 election stress
No reindeer dancing on her roof to cheer up her soul
An impeachment vote to turn into on Blues’ trees lumps of coal
© December 14, 2019 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

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