Thursday, December 26, 2019

It Never Rains In Southern California Hah

It never rains in Southern California--so goes a popular song
But this Christmas week, clearly Albert Hammond sang it wrong
The Retail Gods in the heavens were weeping with joy
As online shoppers were clicking to buy more gifts for loved ones to enjoy
Malls were crowded adding only to shoppers’ basic fears
Either the need to have toy or a parking space would disappear
Nothing like a booming economy to erupt
For shoppers’ purses to continue to open up
On Christmas Eve Day the buying surge was still on
Even with forecasted weather to pump a huge damper on Christmas dawn
Christmas was a day of rain, sleeting high up and snow on the mountains and higher hill tops
A white Christmas with passes in and out of the basin shut down to travel disrupt
Time to hunker down with friends and family as the weather made it impossible to get around
Blankets of white and sheets of rain to cover the Southern California ground
In the late evening hours a sound heard only in the Midwest and Southeast states
Telephone warnings to seek shelter immediately to tornadoes to await
Time to jump out of bed and put contacts back in
Couldn’t be blind and be hit with a tornado’s rains and howling winds
Await above ground without a basement and on one’s knees start to pray
If it appeared please God do not let it stay and quickly its funnel go away
Ventura further north was slightly hit with winds near 80 from a tornado finger
But fortunately our rare type of storm on our land did not linger
When it comes to being hit with natural disasters
When fear impending damage, injury or death one has to try to master
Give me an old fashioned earthquake that without warning chooses to strike
Leaving after a few minutes of shaking terror as opposed to hurricanes and tornadoes with hours upon hours of warnings coming down the pike
© December 26, 2019 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet  

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