Sunday, December 22, 2019

Twas the Night After Impeachment Vote

Twas the night after the vote to Trump impeach and all through the House
One could not find a single Blue Mouse
Exhausted by hiding and concealing  their glee all had fled
Those to Red districts anxiety over a coming dread
While Nancy took an early leave with her gavel to bed
No dreams of sugar plums to fill her head
Only the nightmare that support for impeachment and removal had been shed
Her chances of keeping her beloved gavel seemed more like dead
No high crimes or misdemeanors or treason
Only resistance to his policies and detesting his behavior was the reason
She sold to us that the election in 2020 was by him in great peril
Impeachment must be rushed and pursued immediately with great verile
Without a single Red vote she got her wish
Two counts of impeachment to be served to the Senate on a fine china dish
Only problem is that Nancy like the elitist kid who took her ball home if others would not play by her rules
Must have thought that she controlled the Senate also and that Mitch was a wimpy fool
Mitch told her in essence to pound sand
More weeks of a House like circus for him and this nation would not stand
So the Articles rest on Nancy’s desk, despite the urgent need, and go into limbo
And a divided nation becomes more divided and Nancy looks more and more like a scorned bimbo
As the sled left the roof empty now of its load Blue mouse coal
 A booming “Ho Ho Nancy shame for your glee; you’ve failed to achieve your goal”
Back to the feces coast
Where your majority soon will be toast
© December 22, 2020 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

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