Wednesday, October 9, 2019

To Impeach Is To Lose

On impeachment the battle lines are being drawn
Like the song, everybody is right and everybody is wrong
Pelosi without a vote of the House has launched an impeachment inquiry that the Reds are from the process blocked
A blatant denial of any sense of fair play and due process will most voters, especially Independents, shock
The whole process looks like it will be a Pelosi run Blue show
Like what Banana Republics do when they want an executive to go
Not to a presidential libraries to presidential memoirs write
No to be taken out to a wall and be shot in the middle of the night
What gives Pelosi the right to think that a president has no due process rights?
While a common criminal can with due process defy the power of the state’s might?
Pelosi either knows she does not have enough votes
Or to protect her gavel won’t allow Blues in Districts Trump won vote
This impeachment is nothing about the Constitution to protect
More about acceptance that their presidential candidates the voters will reject
Driven by the likes of AOC she has allowed the party to the left so far move
It will never be able to move to the center into the election winning groove
Voters want action on issues and impeachment barely if at all makes the list
Voters should be rightfully concerned that both the parties are doomed to resist
If the botox injections have not so damaged her brain
She would end the inquiry and dump it down the drain
And launch a full court fund raising press
To pour millions into campaigns and Trump’s chances for winning reelection suppress
This poet hopes she takes not that course although it would be for the nation best
Instead continues of her path as Trump wins and her gavel from her is wrest
© October 9, 2019 Michael P. Ridley.

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