Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Games of Chicken as Impeachment Pot Thickensck

The impeachment pot is stirred and the plots thicken
The House Blues and Reds and the President are playing a game of chicken
Pelosi is doing the impeachment two step
Hoping next fall that Red Districts will forget
Refuses to take a House vote on whether it is an inquiry to impeach
But unleashing the dogs of discovery to the walls of executive privilege breach
Launching a blizzard of subpoenas in October to paper Trump Administration walls
While Trump Administration throws up full court press to discovery stall
A House Red has filed a motion to have Pelosi from the House removed
Clearly a Quixote effort that will fail as Blues with their majority will disapprove
While the Reds in the Senate are lying in wait
To hand any impeachment its ordained acquittal fate
While the House is playing games with impeachment on shaky grounds
Nothing appears to coming close to being solved in this Swampy town
Our political establishment seems to be smoking a brand of inane partisan meth
When they and the MSM need to stop, chill out and take a breath
Congress was sent to legislate not try to on the public an election Mulligan impose
While gridlock and dissatisfaction with our leaders and the list of issues we must face grows
If the House Blues are dumb enough to impeach and waive their majority goodbye
Any Blue Senator still in the race must recuse and on voting on guilt or innocence not even try
© October 8, 2019 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

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