Monday, October 7, 2019

School Shooting Hero Now A Marine

Another young man is now one of the few, the proud and the Marines
Brendan Bialy of Castle Rock, Colorado a hero at a school shooting scene
Tackled one of the two shooters as his friend was killed
Prevented other families from paying the dreadful butchers’ bill
It takes a brave man to charge empty handed into the barrel of a gun
Most would freeze, hide or try quickly to away from danger run
Not Brendan who will now as a Marine will this nation serve
With brave young men such as he our nation’s freedoms can be preserved
We should all be proud of his fearless devotion and brave acts
And pray that his safety and well being in the Corps will never lack
 Semper Fi young man and may God always be with you
Another reason for us to stand hand over heart to pay homage to the Red, White and Blue
© October 7, 2019 Michael P. Ridley

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