Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Mueller Wanted FBI That Rejected--Anti-Trump Bias?at Taht

Mueller was touted as a man of impeccable integrity when as special counsel he was picked
And when he was questioned if he wanted the job as FBI Director he said no and there were no skeptics
News is coming out that that response may not have his emotions properly gauged
Seems that he really wanted to return as its head and against criminals a war to wage
Instead Trump did not chose Mueller to most likely his hidden dismay
Here is a man who got what he wanted with things mostly coming his way
Turned down by an outsider that Mueller may have considered an unwelcome clown
Seething inwardly and to himself perhaps he decided that his rejection needed revenge to take Trump down
How else can one explain his stacking of the prosecutors’ deck
Almost to a man or woman to be staffed by biased Hillary supporters with hatred of Trump to him reject
Justice is supposed to be blind but it is administered by men and women with feelings one needs to take into account
Trump was an outsider pledging at long last to drain the Swamp such that antipathy from those denizens could only mount
How the MSM missed the bias of Mueller’s team
When the texts between the love birds would make sane people with indignation scream
When millions upon millions of investigatory dollars were spent
And not an iota of collusion evidence to the public was ever sent
When Orr and his wife were a Fusion GPS drive by anti-Trump shooting pair
Mueller’s team riddled with a get Trump at any cost biased group beyond compare
Stone after stone overturned empty with nothing there
While the talking heads droned on with false collusion which more than most could bear
$40 million spent for a big fat zero
By a conductor leading a cast of villains not heroes
If the history of the Mueller witch-hunt will be written from beginning to end
It will disclose the results of bitterness over a job not given and a bias that was a most disturbing trend
Mueller lost his chance to once again to his beloved FBI badge wear
In the process of his witch-hunt his integrity once held was stripped bare
© October 8, 2019 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

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