Tuesday, October 1, 2019

#Harrisrecuse as Harris Wants Trump's Twitter Account Banned

It is so typical of the left that when they meet someone with whom they disagree
They try not to debate the wisdom of their own views but rather drown out their voices like howling banshees
If that doesn’t work then it’s time to don the Antifa masks
And use fists, kicks, clubs and other weapons to accomplish their silencing task
On social media there is no way drown out a message the left opposes
No way to get in front of the speaker’s face and punch the speaker in the nose
Save hacking into the site and causing it to crash
But that illegality may with prison term potential be too rash
But fortunately for the left no need to be frustrated or bitter
They have allies in the leftward leaning policies of Twitter
All it takes is complaints or alogorithm to twitter accounts suspend or ban
Conservative voices are prevented from reaching the citizens of this land
Kamala Harris mired in the wanna-be presidential pack
Is getting desperate as she out lefts her fellows and goes on the attack
A smiling well dressed Antifa ideologue in a Senator’s garb dressed
Rants and demands that Trump’s Twitter account be suppressed
Typical of the left that they so rabidly fear
That those outside the Swamp conservative voices will hear
We mere mortals outside the Swamp must not sit back
While our ideals and morals are under attack
Go to #Harrisrecuse and demand this biased senator recuse herself from any Trump impeachment trial
Intense personal interest she has in not facing Trump in office as she will lose by a country mile
© October 1, 2019 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet  

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