Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Suggestion on How to Stem Illegal Alien Flood

If you want illegal immigration into this country to stop
You must first cause the incentives to slow and stop
Newsom’s idea of a medicare welcome mat is a magnet that will illegals lure
No way to enforce border security and a porous border secure
If there is no e-verify and the laws against hiring illegals employers defy
Illegals looking for work will come as jobs at home are denied
Insuring that our cities are sanctuaries that illegals from ICE deportation protect
A feeling that once here safely from deportation an attempt to cross illegals will elect
We must end using children as the key to open the border gate
So the family can be release never to appear at the hearing in the future that awaits
If an illegal finding work under the table can remit funds back home
To a family living in or near the poverty/starvation zone
He will head north as long as he is able to funds south transmit
But if barred the magnet to come will quit
Simple fixes would be to require asylum applications to be filed at consulate or embassies in home nation
If not or denied deported immediately deported without hesitation
Jail and fine employers who illegals hire but create guest worker permits to fill labor slots
Especially in the fields where if not enough pickers the crops will rot
If remittances are not barred tax remittances back home to help hire more Border Patrol Agents
Money going to border security from the tax being spent
End chain migrations and base immigration on the nation’s need
No more a flood of illiterates swamping the schools trying to teach them how to read.
© April 3, 2019 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

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