Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Sanders & Warren Bookends on the Shelf of Bad Ideasaof

If an American citizen leaves to join the jihadists and against us fight
Does not that person forfeit his American citizenship rights
An ISIS fighter after trying to kill American troops abroad should be stripped of his rights to vote
But in Sanders mind he should not on this idea or issue Sanders has missed the boat
The other socialist in the race wants to impeach Trump
Warren wants to have student debt forgiven an idea that belongs in the dump
$1.5 trillion in debt from the asset side of the balance sheet removed
 Since the loans are guaranteed by the feds our deficit would not be improved
How have we gotten into this mess?
With graduating students in such financial distress
Schools raised fees and tuition faster that the rate of inflation
While the link between degrees and higher pay became a weaker relation
Students were encouraged to borrow
Jobless, living at home now in financial sorrow
When the spigot of higher pay to those earning useless degrees dried up
The idea that a 4 year college degree was for all was shown to be an idea corrupt
Forgiving student debt is not just a onetime fix
Sanders and Warren also on education have idea just as sick
College for all tuition free at a 4 year school to earn a degree
Unless price controls set by government schools will be on a spending spree
That not all students should pursue a 4 year degree is plain to see
Likewise a surge in the deficit is a certain guarantee
Students may leave the ivy towers
Debtless but with no real earning power
© April 23, 2019 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet  

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