Saturday, April 6, 2019

Crucified On The Cross Of Reparations For Acts 7 Generations Back

Watching the sycophants of the Blues’ pilgrimage to the National Action Convention to be blessed by the Reverend Al
Each falling over each other trying to move further to the left to his endorsement corral
He has become the black pope to Blue wanna-bes
Need to be seen kissing his ring for potential voters to see
Al is in the lead to advocate as the new litmus test
Reparations for the harm of slavery to arrest
Time to convert the broken promise of 20 acres and a mule
To be converted in today’s dollars as an advancement tool
As children we are often plagued by the sins of our fathers
Stigmatized with too many barriers to advance so why even bother?
But Al wants to punish us all by 7 generations going back
To punish us living today for what our forefathers did to some blacks
Whether they owned slaves or did not
Guilty as charged for not soon enough against slavery having fought
Waves of immigrants have come to these shores
Have pounded to be let in to have opened discrimination and prejudicial doors
From the Irish who were classified with the dogs
To the Vietnamese fleeing the rice paddies and bogs
With nothing in many cases other than the clothes on their backs
A commitment the American Dream and assimilation not to lack
Even if we could afford the cost which we cannot not
The idea of reparations perpetuates the victim card and justifies the rot
Lost is the irony of Kamala Harris, the illegal alien support queen  
Her forefathers may have been large slave owners on the Jamaica scene
Bad idea whose time has not and never will come
Instead of a win win rising Trump economy, a failing game of zero sum
© April 6, 2019 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

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