Tuesday, April 23, 2019

No Collusion No Impeachment No Obstruction?

On May 17, 2017 the attempt to hobble and shackle a president began
A president slammed as being a racist, not fit for the office and a dangerous madman
Robert Mueller was appointed to investigate collusion with the Russians by the Trump campaign
In almost two years of investigation more that $25 million in expenses went down the drain
Worse any discussions with Russia in areas like the Middle East where we might have common ground were refrained
With the illusion of Russian collusion spawning over the top rhetoric so divisive gridlock was retained
The MSM viewed Trump as guilty of treason
24/7 making it impossible for either side to reason
Hard if not impossible to cross the aisle to work with a person cast as a traitor to the nation
Compromise became a dirty word worthy only of the most compelling damnation
To almost a man or woman in Congress the Blues became a party who could only resist
Causing almost total gridlock on issues deemed important outside the Beltway Swamp to exist
After all those months Mueller’s Blue backing team on collusion came up empty, totally zip
But even that failure did not release the Blues’ Trump Derangement Syndrome grip
Drop collusion and to obstruction of justice the Blues quickly would drift
Led by a lying Congressman still unwilling  to reveal the evidence in plain sight Adam Schiff
Barr and Rosenstein failed to find obstruction and were castigated as lackeys of Trump
Any finding other than obstruction of justice would be without doubt be tossed by Blues into the dump
Pelosi is smart enough to know impeachment will not work
Even as hacks like Green, Waters, Tlaib, Omar and AOC go impeachment berserk
But investigation upon investigation will keep the obstruction claim as part of the race
Obscuring the lack of a Blue agenda and record and firing up to a frothy frenzy the Blues’ base
In a crowded beyond belief Blue primary race
Each will be moving to the left at a faster pace
Trying to outrun each other and a surging economy that will to their chances lay waste
Forcing them to the bitter fruits of a loss of the House and the White House in 2020 taste   

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