Thursday, April 4, 2019

One Year Warning or Face Closure and Tariffs

Trump on closing border with Mexico has backed down
Instead of a week he is giving Mexico a year to turn this flood of caravans and drugs around
If Mexico does not start turning the caravans from Central America back
In one year he will close the border and on autos tariffs attack
He is rightfully more concerned with security than with trade
While Pelosi and her misguided Blues the dangers to us degrade
Blind to the optics and deaf to the Border Patrol pleas, the Blues are stuck with heads in the sand
Totally oblivious in their quest for new voters ignoring the threats engulfing our land
So pompous and with their MSM lackeys in echo chamber intoning so pious
At the border there is only a manufactured crisis
Blues are like the monkeys who see no crisis, hear no crisis and behind their walls no crisis feel
A trip to the border first hand would to all eyes a real and dangerous crisis reveal
A simple immediate fix would require asylum seekers to in their own country asylum seek
If not or turned down which most would be immediate deportation and caravans will peak
But these Blues are MIA and want to Trump any success on the border deprive
It suits them just fine as presumed future Blue voters continue to in this land arrive
Only solution is to rally to protect the border and vote the Blues wherever found
Out of their offices on the Congressional D.C. grounds
© April 4, 2019 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

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