Sunday, April 28, 2019

How To Fix Immigration System

The news on the border crisis just keeps getting worse
Yet Blues refuse to cross the aisle to a worsening disaster reverse
We face the likelihood of at least 1,000, 000 illegals crossing into this land
The adverse impact on our economy, safety, social services will be hard to withstand
The Blues are worse than MIA as their duty to defend the Constitution from all enemies is KIA
See no crisis, hear no crisis, behind their gated walls feel no crisis to this country on display
With MSM as lackeys for the Blues and leftist judges dishing up an injunctive brew
Scammed by asylum seekers our immigration policy is mortally sick
Yet if Blues dropped their 24/7 Trump resist, it is so easy to fix
Apply for asylum home country and if not applied or if denied
When caught immediately deported for laws against crossing defied
End the magnet of $100 billion of illegal alien aid
Add more agents and courts and build the Wall to our security upgrade
Newsome like most leftist politicians is out of his mind
Free medical care for illegals, surely he must be blind
Eliminate the inanity of sanctuary cities
Fine and jail those who hire illegals without pity
Admit temporary workers so critical vacancies can be filled
Tax the remittances sent home to reduce incentive to near nil
© April 28, 2019 Michael P. Ridley

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