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April 17, 2019 Ridley's Believe It Or Not World Hemophilia Day

Ridley’s Believe It Or Not For April 17, 2019 Sol Pais the young woman who had a fascination with the Columbine shootings years ago and whose presence in the Denver triggered a massive manhunt and  Denver area school lockdown has been found dead in a self inflicted shooting; the Mueller Report will be released tomorrow and Barr’s plan to hold a press conference before its release has Blues like Pelosi and Nadler in a total meltdown mode as their 2 year collusion witch-hunt is going down in flames; Trump’s approval rating is at 45% and the Mueller Report has had almost no effect on people’s belief on the existence or non existence of collusion; Rep Omar who continually floods the airways and internet with anti-Semite wrath has had two Blues she gave donations to return those contributions (Blues may be waking up to the fact that being linked to the troika of AOC, Tlaib and Omar is about as desirable as being linked to the plague); on the Jaws front, a study by the Monterey Aquarium has found that Great Whites are in mortal fear of Killer Whales and will flee their hunting grounds when Killer Whales appear and stay away for long periods of time;  on the dismantling Obama legacy front, the Trump Administration is clamping down on non family travel and remittances to Cuba while imposing restrictions and sanctions on the other two stooges of socialism Nicaragua and Venezuela; on the advocacy journalism front that has crippled an objective press, NYU “journalism” professor Talia Levin has slammed Rep Crenshaw who lost a eye in Afghanistan as ”captain s###thead for his attacks on Omar’s 9/11 comments; Alex Trebek who is battling cancer has announced his is feeling fine and will be on hand for Season 36 starting in September; as of April 17, 2019, 570 people have been shot in Chicago of whom 108 have died (what makes the Smollett case so frustrating is that it forced the city of Chicago to allocate scarce detective resources when in only 9% of the shootings resulting in murder have a suspect being charged this year).
       As always, I hope you enjoy today’s holidays and observances, a music link to Fine Young Cannibals, factoids of interest for this day in history, the fact that you do not believe in pantopragmatic acts, and  a relevant quote from President Kennedy on the Bay of Pigs, secure in the knowledge that if you want to find a gift for any memorable events like college graduations, birthdays, weddings, or anniversaries, you know that the Alaskanpoet can provide you with a unique customized poem at a great price tailored to the event and the recipient. You need only contact me for details.
1. World Malbec Day—commemorating this day in 1853 when Argentina President Domingo Faustino Sarmiento tasked Michel Pouget, a soil expert, to go to France to bring back some vines, one of which was Malbec which flourished in Argentina.
2. World Hemophilia Day— created by the World Federation of Hemophilia in 1989 to promote awareness of the hemophilia and other bleeding disorders.
3. 1989 Number One Song—the number one song on this day in 1989 on a run of 1 week in that position was “She Drives Me Crazy” by Fine Young Cannibals. Here is a recording of the song:
4. Word of the Day—today’s word of the day as we move from words beginning with “o” to words beginning with “p” is “pantopragmatic” which means meddling in everyone’s business which describes to a tee the proclivity of the big government nanny state.
5. What’s In Your Wallet--celebrating the birthday on this day in 1972 of noted actress and spokeswomen for Capital One Jennifer Garner.
       On this day in:                                        
a. 1907 SCOTUS in the case of Lochner v. New York held that laws limiting the amount of work time violated the due process clause of the 14th Amendment to the dismay of labor unions everywhere.
b. 1907 the Ellis Island Immigration Center processed a record 11,747 immigrants.
c. 1942 French General Henri Giraud escaped from German captivity to ultimately lead French forces after Operation Torch against the Germans.
d. 1949 26 counties at midnight left the British Commonwealth to usher in the Republic of Ireland.
e. 1961 Cuban exiles financed by the CIA landed at the Bay of Pigs in an unsuccessful attempt to oust Fidel Castro.    
        Reflections on the Bay of Pigs Invasion: “On that unhappy island, as in so many other areas of the contest for freedom, the news has grown worse instead of better. I have emphasised before that this was a struggle of Cuban patriots against a Cuban dictator. While we could not be expected to lend our sympathies, we made it repeatedly clear that the armed forces of this country would not intervene in any way.
It is not the first time that Communist tanks have rolled over gallant men and women fighting to redeem the independence of their homeland. Nor is it by any means the final episode in the eternal struggle of liberty against tyranny, anywhere on the face of the globe, including Cuba itself.
Mr Castro has said that these were mercenaries. According to press reports, the final message to be relayed from the refugee forces on the beach came from the rebel commander when asked if he wished to be evacuated. His answer was: “I will never leave this country. “That is not the reply of a mercenary…” President Kennedy on the day after the Bay of Pigs Invasion.
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© April 17, 2019  Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

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