Friday, April 26, 2019

Short Memory Joe of Obama Scandals

Joe Biden is the undisputed master of the gaff
Like Trump’s tweet habit probably cannot be controlled by staff
His opening campaign salvo claims Obama’s eight years were free from scandal
Such a short memory on how Fast and Furious was handled
Or in a blatant effort to conservative views suppress
He unleashed upon the Tea Party his weaponized IRS
Or the total incompetence of his DHS
To create a website for the ACA that was the laughing stock and did not impress
Or letting a quid quo pro queen at Secretary of State fill up her and her foundation’s purse
While we were fleeced in the Uranium One transfer how could it get worse
On Benghazi asleep at the switch pedaling the it's a video as the cause
An Ambassador and three Americans dead because of stand down order flawed
Joe has jumped on the 20th donkey in hopes of to the White House be riden
Not realizing the his party has moved so far to the left to no longer accept Biden
AOC is usually completely in her views out to lunch
In capability to the trillions for the Green New Deal crunch
But here on Biden she claims his candidacy would be motion back
She’s right to rising unemployment and a job creating growth rate to lack
Back to the growth rates during the Obama years of less than three percent
Millions added to poverty and millions to the food stamp lines being sent
For 8 years on both the domestic and foreign front
No home runs, triples or doubles only a few singles and fouls on second strike bunts
© April 26, 2019 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

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