Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Border Is Like A Cat 5 Hurricane Disaster

Creepy Joe Biden may soon see his front runner status start melting like a low mountain covered in snow
Two more women have come forward to join the first two with stories of uncomfortable touching Joe Biden show
If Joe Biden had performed in the private sector any of the 4 complained acts
He would be most likely quickly and unceremoniously sacked
The Blues are finding themselves between a rock and a very hard place
As they move to the left, there is no one as a moderate to Biden replace
The leftist Blue crowd will in purple states be crushed
No voter in their right mind will to the Socialist banner rush
Yet if they remain silent on Biden’s touchy transgressions
They lose the #me Too movement obsession
Maybe Bloomberg who could not appeal to the middle working class if his life on it depended
Might pull off an appeal but more likely than not Trump will not be upended
Schultz at least has the savvy to from poor roots have created a great company for its employees to bear fruit
But his only chance after reaming AOC is that of an Indy for in the Blue primaries his chances will not take root
The Blues Ace in the hole, Mueller’s investigation, has been totally torn to shreds
Schiff, Swalwell and Nadler must come to grips with reality that Russian collusion narrative is dead
While the Blues continue like monkeys to see no crisis, hear no crisis
And behind their gated walled communities feel no crisis
The rest of us agree with DHS head that the border is like a hurricane of Cat 5
A tidal wave of illegals, drugs, felons, human trafficking casting doubt on making border security survive
In their refusal to cross the aisle and the asylum scam with Blues try to fix
Show themselves on immigration MIA and only willing to border security and reform nix
© April 2, 2019 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

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