Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Illegals Flood Border While Blues Fiddle

In ancient Rome, legend has it that while Rome burned a fiddle was played by Nero
Whose behavior was in his ignorance so very far from that of a Roman hero
Fast forward to today and we have with the Blues a similar parallel
On our southern border not fire but a flood of Illegals seeking to in this nation dwell
Lining the pockets of the coyotes of the cartels
While Blues fiddle and ignore the national emergency Trump is trying to sell
103,000 illegals caught or turned away in March a 106 percent increase
Since we lack space to hold these illegals until hearings into the interior they are released
Many are seeking a better life or trying to escape cartels’ violent and deadly crimes
But a common trait is that they want to ahead of legal immigrants jump ahead of the line
And mixed among the many are the dealers of drugs and human trafficking and deadly gangs
Animals without morals bent on using their deadly fangs
When we mere mortals with no armed guards or walls protest we are subject to the left’s harangues
We are xenophobic and all reason is tossed out the window as left’s need for open borders overhangs
The Blues have become deaf and blind to costs of illegals and their infliction of sorrow
They attack Trump as racist and us as xenophobic like there is no tomorrow
Heads in the sand secure with armed guards and sturdy walls
We deplorables concerned over safety and wage erosion must send them packing in the 2020 fall
So simple to solve beyond just building a wall
Asylum filed in home country, no remittances and e-verify and the flood would stall
End the idiocy of harboring felons in sanctuary cities
These animals deserve not an iota of our pity
Expand legal immigration based solely on merit and our employment needs
Expose the Blues’ power lust and power above nation uncontrolled greed
© April 9, 2019 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet  

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