Monday, May 5, 2014

to Touch the Heavens

We humans strive for spirituality and in times of trial and trouble will go to any length to become closer to one's God. An icon of theology I am not, but a poet I believe myself to be. A good friend of mine who will remain unnamed is making a pilgrimage into the mountains with some ashes of a loved one to scatter, closer to the heaven. Personally I would rather be near the water's edge in Alaska, but that is the beauty of humanity and our ability to find God where He is closest to us. I wrote this poem for my friend on her short journey. May she go with the Peace of God and from higher elevations feel His presence.
To Touch the Heavens
To each his own to get closer to one's higher power
Some will walk the Pyrenees that over the Iberian Peninsula tower
Others will seek to return where life first began
To listen to the surf crashing upon the sands
Even if God dwells in the heavens above, distance matters not
When it is time to get closer here is a reassuring thought
God most likely lives within and in an aura just without
Waiting to be fused when one molts a shell to shed all doubt
He lives within and just above
Shell gone so much easier to find and store His love
Walk slowly into the clouds
As opposed to a past slow amble into the shrouds
Though the poets might suggest another mountain for ashes to be near
A Son et Lumière that God always loves to see and hear.
Purple and green ribbons dancing across a clear sky
With such beauty His existence one cannot deny.
But then, the nearest portal for those seeking a sea level God to be near
Miles away with temps so cold only whales and seals would not fear.

© April 28, 2014 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet


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