Thursday, May 29, 2014

Rhymes on Newsworthy Times Pilot Hill with Bags in Stomach Jailed

12 O’clock High
 Hill's arrest gives a new meaning to the phrase 12 O' Clock High
Stomach loaded with cocaine bags 30,000 feet into the sky
At least he was not in the cockpit but in uniform en route from Columbia to U.S.
One bag bursts and surprise he is under great medical stress
Pilots are not paid even at regional carriers only the minimum wage
Why he would risk death of bursting bags is hard to gauge?
I would liked to have known the carrier's name
If this pilot Hill had a drug problem he could not tame
His carrier's drug testing program needs an overhaul
How high on cocaine does a pilot need to be before he loses control and plane stalls?
This could be a carrier one needs to not fly
If any risk any of the flight crew might be during the flight high.
Another example of how the war on drugs is a war in which we may fail
 Risking a career, life for $4,000 of cocaine and facing felonies and 500 grand bail
© May 29, 2014 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

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