Friday, May 30, 2014

Hard Choices Benghazi Like Jihad Will Not Die

The Benghazi Chapter in Hard Choices by Politico has been released
Not sure whether the contents are to spur sales or to make the attacks on her cease
But with all due respect
Hillary's claims on Benghazi we should reject
Especially when made by a "potential" candidate who to the parents of those dead
Flat out lied, vowing that the US would get the video maker instead
The simple way to avoid a political slug-fest
Is for her and this administration’s efforts to block the truth arrest
If we do not learn what we did wrong in our failure to protect
Our embassies and consulates are sitting ducks for another attack by another Islamic sect
Bin Laden may have be the poster child for Al Qaeda’s terror run wild
But killing him did not kill the ideology and terror by humanity reviled
Look around the world to see Islamic Jihadists multiplying faster than deadly staph
To assume that the Jihadist ideology is now weak or dead should make us laugh
Like Pearl Harbor, Korea, or 911, we were caught with our proverbial pants down
But at least there our leadership did not play the role of the deceiving clowns
Watching our President and Hillary in foreign policy resets and red lines is an exercise in frustration beyond belief
As a child of the 60’s who marched to protest the Vietnam War that caused us such grief
Hillary hopefully remembers why the U.S. despite the cost in lives could not just cut and run
If she becomes our Commander in Chief and does not, our problems will really just have begun
I will not buy the book but to read to the library go
Will be interesting to see how she masks or justifies her attempts to snow
But one thing is certain— you can deceive and lie to your country’s enemies and foes
But to your own citizens, that is not a place where a potential president should ever go. 
© May 30, 2014 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

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