Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Rhymes On The Newsworthy Times-Obama Breaks Silence On VA Another "Period" Moment? Peon

Obama Breaks Silence On VA Another "Period" Moment?
Finally, after a speech in 2009 on the VA
Obama with another speech weighs into the fray
To be fair to Obama, this is not the first time VA care has been in disarray
But his transition team knew how bad the VA care net had frayed
Nothing was done about patient delay
Now it looks like fraud within is the command of the day
Never have I seen someone "mad as hell" with such calm displayed
Ditto on a Commander in Chief is his speech today
Hope his consequences threat "period" was not another ACA period promise replay
Where was the order demanding return of bonuses we continue to pay?
After Obama using another period where was there will be hell to pay?
How can this wounded vet head believe he can these problems allay?
Another nice speech trying to his Commander in Chief silence belay
Here is a suggestion that might work to reform the VA
Turn it over to the private sector with reimbursements that do not turn doctors away
Even with HMOs very rare to experience the same kind of delay
Looming over the private sector are market forces to obey
Poor quality care and knowingly very few patients will come your way
At least in this tragedy of vets dying  and our promises to them we did betray
A silver lining however slim has come into play
This is what Obamacare care will become if single payer zealots have their way
And finally the media fawning over Obama is now eroding away
To begin to act like a true Fourth Estate and objectivity to display.
Keep it up media, follow Fox--for the vets dying was a very high price to pay

© May 21, 2014 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

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