Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Rhymes On Newsworthy Times--U.S. Marine Rotting In Mexican Jail-Where Is Holder?

Shackled To Mexican Jail Bed, Barely Fed
Leave no man behind is a Marine Corps creed
Whether dead or is wounded and bleeds
But a State Department must play by different rules
Where words of diplomacy far too obtuse are the only tools
A combat Marine made the wrong turn and crossed the border in error
Since April 1 in a Mexican jail he must have been exposed to sheer terror
Shackled to a bed for days and nights on end like a rabid dog
While our State Department wanders about in a fog
Our border with Mexico is a joke that Holder and Obama refuse to seal
Worse if an alien is picked up he gets released if one who assault, murders or steals
Or if unlucky enough to be deported slips back in—a never ending revolving wheel
With respect to this held Marine, here is a suggestion on how with this problem to deal
Since Holder will not or cannot find the time to call his Mexican counterpart AG
Too many things on his plate, dodging demands for prosecution of IRS targeting of the drinkers of tea,
Two tours of duty in Afghanistan suffering from PSTD crossed the border lost hardly a 21 year in prison transgress
Now under fear of his life unable to defend himself, losing weight, under constant stress.
Release him Mr. Mexican AG to us and we will take him home
You don’t have to imitate us when we release felons too and let them in the U.S. roam
Release him or we turn off our spigot of a billion dollars in aid
No sound reason for us to continue to allow this charade
Release him now without haste or not a single American tourist may visit your Amigo land
How long will the loss of American tourist dollars can the economy of Mexico withstand?
Making Mexico a banned destination like Cuba will raise havoc beyond belief
The government will have him in a limo heading back in a moment to avoid further grief.
But Obama is with teleprompter but without spine; he may be feckless to his inner core
Sadly, this combat Marine may be doomed as a result to rot in jail many days more. 
© May 20, 2014 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

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