Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Rhymes On The Newsworthy Times--5 Chinese Generals Indicted For Hacking

When it comes to egos and opinions none stronger or more vocal than Donald Trump
May want to fire him but when it comes to China, he wants us to cease being the chumps
At long last, a new FBI most wanted list of 5 Chinese generals for internet posting and post office walls
Despite continuing complaints, Chinese hacking gains momentum and does not stall
The light bulb goes on that the Chinese are cyber pirates, intent on massive cyber steal
Indictments may be only symbolic but in dealing with the Chinese this should be the deal
If the Chinese will not turn these 5 generals over for us to face justice in a court of law
Then for each industry hacked we by 200 percent tariffs cause them from our markets to withdraw
The Chinese have stolen our trade secrets without consequence or remorse
Harsh measures are finally needed to force them to alter their pirate-like course
The losses to our economy is not mere chump change
But staggering amounts in the tens of billions to over the 100 billion range
In a perfect would with a budget in balance and our debt in a yearly reduction mode
We would not need their surplus to finance our spending and could tell them to hit the road
Trade secret theft, currency manipulation, import barriers, and a tiger growing bigger claws
Knowing full well with only lines in the sand and a shrinking military, we are no longer held in awe
Instant rectification on our acts the Chinese with feigned innocence now demand
Euphemism under Mao for a surge of terror and torture unleashed on a scale very grand
Hacking is war on an immediate non lethal scale
But from an economic loss it goes beyond the pale
Good for Holder even if the charges are symbolic at best
Without any chance to these individuals find and arrest
In the same way counterfeit goods upon entry into the U.S. can be seized
Any industry using hacked fruits selling into this country from China, we should grab their goods, force them to their knees. 
Sadly any threats by us will be viewed as red lines in the sand
They will not stop no matter how much trade secret theft gets out of hand. 
Only actions which thus far we have not done
Pray that the on Pax Americana we are not seeing the setting sun.
© May 20, 2014 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet 

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