Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Doctor Wehby Closer to Senate and Goodbye to Reid

Doctor Wehby Closer to Senate and Goodbye to Reid
In a Marcus Welby moment, Dr. Monica Wehby's political career has begun
In dealing with the voters will she have the fireside manner of a Robert Young?
Does she have the prescription for voters in the fall?
To the rise in our national debt find ways to stall?
Will she be able to cut through the VA red tape with a scalpel honed fine?
Will this be a campaign on issues or on her personal life defined?
Will be hard for the Blues to a War on Women on her stick
A single mom and a full time doctor caring for children sick
But never underestimate the power of Reid and his Blue to smear
A Red woman on her divorce or personal life wwith their mudslinging gear
Maybe this time if the attacks come in a steady stream
Feminists might rally to defend and join the good doctor’s team
Obamacare looms as a growing sword over all our heads
As a doctor she should know how to fix the loss of quality care we dread
I only wish we had another female doctor running against Pelosi in 2014
Safe in her gerrymandered district whose flaming rhetoric is impossible to wean
Reid, Wehby’s win may move us closer for your majority office to clear
You can join Pelosi lusting to regain the Chair in the fall crying into your beers.
© May 21, 2014 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

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