Friday, May 23, 2014

Getting High To Bring Down Obesity From All Time Highs

Finally, a chance to take a break on comments on the scandals like the VA engulfing D.C. Bad news is that obesity in U.S. is at an all time high adding to a ticking time bomb heart attacks, diabetes, high blood pressure, strokes and destroyed joints. Not a scientific study but there may be an answer to this growing problem by imitating the state with the lowest percentage of obesity at only 18.7 percent and the state with legal recreational marijuana--Colorado:

Getting High to Bring Down Obesity from All Time Highs
The results are in and obesity is at an all time high
Almost one in three packing too many pounds and will too soon die
Gaining weight you do not need seems to be increasing trend
Despite all the weight loss diets and schemes ads on TV vend
The power of the fork with no restraint
Has to be the source of obesity complaints
With its fellow culprit the spoon used to excess
More pounds to on the joints, heart, and pancreas more stress
3500 calories surplus to create an extra pound of fat to store
Sadly not too many trips to open the refrigerator door
The more you weigh the more with exercise you burn
But with the fork and spoon in high repetitive mode, nonobesity hard to earn
As millions struggle to shed the pounds, to regain that long lost body slim
Lusting after that bigger or second portion, almost living in the gym
There may be a slim, ray of hope
Look to the state where obesity on the downward slope
The skinniest state is not California where bikinis and tan lines rule
No not the case, look to the mountains and another set of tools
Colorado with about one in six topping the obesity scales
May have the weight loss solution without diet or exercise that does not fail
Weed there is legal to recreationally buy and be enjoyed
A few tokes and the urge to overeat is destroyed
Will we soon see Dan Marino pitching NutriSystems Weed with his team on the beach?
Or Marie Osmond taking a toke on a bad day but with a smaller dress size within reach?
Too early to predict but obesity is a disease we need to over which we must prevail
Even if it takes a joint a day to look less like an inner tube and more like a rail.
© May 23, 2014 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

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