Thursday, May 8, 2014

Mother's Day 2014

On Mother’s Day 2014

On any day on this planet a holiday or observance greet
Some with other nations shared and some very unique
Each with its history, traditions and different quirks
Some with a bonus of a paid day off from work
With all our differences is there a holiday that will all of us unite?
Yet put some of us to the test to make sure we bring delight?
All of us no matter where on this planet share a common thread
From a womb after close to nine months is how we were bred
Nine months growing in a tiny cramped space
Hopefully head first to join the human race
Ever since we had memories and first put colored paper to glue
And with a dad’s or teacher’s help the perfect heart we drew.
To honor our mother on her own special day
In later years all manner of gifts would soon be on their way
Candies, flowers, cards, wishing to have missed the last minute crunch
And the worry to make sure we found the perfect Mother’s Day Brunch
The adoration and toasts from husbands and children or the long distance calls
At times the phone companies wishing more switches or towers to have been installed.  
Nothing is too good for one’s mother for when she has passed
A hole hard to fill, an emptiness that seems to forever last
A 24/7 job way before the term we all have come to use
Cook, chauffeur, maid, nurse, all manner of hurts to diffuse
A 24/7 job should not have only one special day
Other habits for a child should come into play
Honor a mother each day of the year
Little acts showing how she is held dear
From cleaning one’s room or washing the dinner plates
Later acts away from the nest like the calls and visits not to abate
To the photos of her grandchildren all smiles with handwritten cards
To the moments in the final winters of her life when a role reversal becomes hard
Time for an adult child to care for and love her as she did for you in her 24/7 way
And whatever you do, do not forget to call  her on Mother’s Day!
© May 8, 2014 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

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