Thursday, May 29, 2014

Rhymes on the Newsworthy Time 82 Years of Shame for Vets

Bonus Army Shame Deju Vu after 82 Years of Shame
 Ironic that the scandal over the VA explodes into high gear on this day
Outrage over deaths, cooking the books, negligence and long delays
Sadly, looking out for our Vets are empty promises of shallow patriotic Congressional display
The Commander in Chief has on this yet another scandal been MIA
A good speech from a teleprompter is not a way to illness cure
How could he for years be so clueless on the agonies the Vets have had to endure?
Replacing Shinseki needs to immediately occur
But finding a health care super star to replace him will be merely a sinecure
As long as the VA is for care for a Vet the only place
The system will be always in disgrace
Any Vet should be able to seek care in the private sector if the VA cannot timely provide
Then and only then do we have a chance for this scandal to be solved and subside
It would also help if for the first time our AG is not a lackey to protect Obama's back
Those administrators guilty should be tried, put in jail and immediately sacked
Why there is irony on this day one might ask?
That waves of disclosure the VA is failing its most basic tasks
On this day in 1932, 17,000 WWI Vets began the Bonus Army march on D.C.
Out of the trenches of the Great Depression to make to Congress a desperate plea
Pay the bonuses enacted in 1924 as opposed to waiting till 1945
Out of work, no safety net, money needed to survive
After two months of camping on D.C. lawns, a "grateful" nation chose how to respond
Fixed bayonets, a Patton led cavalry charge Vets killed, wounded and their camp razed to the grounds
Hoover like McCain in 2008 would have had to walk on water to avoid the Great Depression's out of office fate
But the treatment of the Bonus Army certainly helped to elect FDR as President of the United States
Obama cannot run but a simple three page bill to enable the VA to fire is blocked by two top Senate Blues
One more reason for all voters to retire Reid by all Blue candidates to eschew
© May 29, 2014 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

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