Sunday, July 21, 2019

"Racist" The New Over Used F-Bomb

When a word that used to shock is overused
Its impact on the listener is defused
Case in point is the F-bomb that was shocked and banned
From shows, radio and TV across this land
Now candidates like Harris drop it almost in a reflex action
Against any disagreeing political faction
It has lost its meaning, lost its sense of decorum loss alarm
No longer has the ability to fire passions or even warm
The new F-bomb is “racist” which so readily appears
When to the left arguments or positions are voiced they fear
Criticize the Squad whose ideas are completely flawed
You are a racist and you are breaking society’s last decency straw
Push for a secure border and you merit the racist curse
You are also a racist if for illegals you won’t open our purse
Trump gets called a racist almost every minute of every day
How soon do we have to endure before the effects of the shepherd and the wolf come into play?
The shepherd boy wanted attention so he called out a wolf that did not exist
Villagers came running to the eating of their sheep try to resist
Again and again the shepherd’s false cry
Panting and tired the villagers ran not wanting their sheep to die
After too many times up the hill they had had enough
No wolf to be seen no need to run up the hill then pant with breathing labored and rough
Then on one day a wolf came prowling by
Frantic the shepherd “Wolf, Wolf’ did cry
This time the cries to no avail
The wolf in quest for a sheep dinner did not fail
Racist is the new F-bomb defused
Used too soon too often and too abused
To the extent real racism like lynching, segregation, in jobs and Jim Crow exists
Numbed by overused and false claim those who despise racism rise not to resist
When the left reflexively the charge racist will always choose
The victims and all of us will sadly lose
Sadly from the radical left, the racist charge is not alone
Islamaphobia, xenophobia, homophobia, misogynie flood the PC zone
Closing and shutting down what could be open minds
Leaving any chance of discussion receding behind
© July 21, 2019 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet      

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